“Taylor Mali is a ranting comic showman and literary provocateur…”

– The New York Times

“The standout is Taylor Mali who heads the Providence, RI team and really ought to be a star.”

– Austin American Statesman

“Mali has a smug arrogance similar to Dennis Miller’s, but his loquacious logic reveals Miller for the intellectual flyweight he is.”

-Detroit Free Press

“Not since Taylor Mali, has there been a poet of the likes of Taylor Mali- which is to say he is a man of unique properties. He is tagged as a performance poet, but his performances, rather than being frontal assaults, are leavened by charm and wit and could survive happily on the page.”

-Billy Collins

“Taylor Mali captures in his irresistible persona and highly engaging poetry the experience of the independent school teacher that he once was: part inspiration, part nag, part coach and friend, part disciplinarian. Kids love him and his poetry… and so do adults, a combination of approbation that is unusual in today’s world.”

– Patrick F. Bassett, President
National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)