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Posted On January 17th, 2012

My new book comes out on March 29th, the day after my birthday! But you can buy it now (and I hope you will because it helps my first week sales numbers).

“The right book at the right time: an impassioned defense of teachers and why our society needs them now more than ever. Former middle-school teacher and teachers’ advocate Taylor Mali struck a chord with his passionate response to a man at a dinner party who asked him what kind of salary teachers make-a poetic rant that has been seen and forwarded millions of times on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Based on the poem that inspired a movement, What Teachers Make is Mali’s sharp, funny, reflective, critical call to arms about the joys of teaching and why teachers are so vital to America today. It’s a book that will be treasured and shared by every teacher in America-and everyone who’s ever loved or learned from one.”

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  1. Thank you so much for bringing much-need inspiration to my own writing through yours and as Neruda so eloquently put it, allowing my heart to “break loose on the wind” after a long haitus. As a teacher of a poetry class to college students, I also thank you for the inspiration you provide my classes.

  2. I was recently introduced to your work by my English Literature professor and I must say I my eyes have opened up wide for slam poetry. I must say thank you for your approach, and truth in your work. It was refreshing for me to have someone that I can write an essay about who is so current.

  3. I love watching his videos. I am a school teacher/learner at intermediate (middle school education) and I love working with my children. What he says in his poems are more based on the fact that you need to have alot of love to be a teacher and that students need to be heard and have a voice. I love this guy and his words were so inspiring that if I have a hard day I watch his videos. a 3 minute video taught me alot!!!

  4. How does one get a signed copy of your book? I’m going to order a copy regardless, but would love a signed copy.


  5. Any chance that you will release it as an ebook, perhaps on smashwords.com? I’m a teacher and I have found your poem “What teachers make” very inspirational – it reminds me why I chose to teach. Looking through your blog, I’ve just discovered that you were in my city last September (Kuala Lumpur) – I wish I could have seen you perform live.

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  12. Your book came in the mail today- spent a rainy Saturday afternoon/evening reading it cover to cover- at the expense of a Sunday of essays and math tests to grade- Thank you for speaking for teachers, for speaking to me- When I have those days when I question why…I’ll pick up your book again..Am already planning how to plant a copy in our teacher’s room-subversion at its best! Thank you and please..keep writing..

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