Pink Fitted “Teachers Make a Difference” Tee

This shirt is super soft and extremely “fitted,” which is to say, they run a little small, and they fit long-distance runners best! The model to the left is 5’5” and a 4-6 dress size, but she’s actually wearing a size Large, which she described as “not quite provocative.” Normally, she’d be a Medium, but it was way too small. This shirt is $15.

Price: $15.00

Eggplant V-Neck “Teachers Make a Difference” 3/4 Sleeve Tee

This shirt is wonderfully soft and fitted but a little roomier than the pink one. The V-neck and 3/4 sleeves have led many teachers to say it would be entirely acceptable to wear at school, and not just on a Friday. The model is the same (4-6 dress size) but here she’s wearing the size Medium, which she said was a great fit! Figure the size Large and “Ladies XL” would accommodate more distinguished readers. Future batches will likely include even larger sizes.

Price: $15.00

Unisex “Teachers Make a Difference” Teeshirt

This shirt changes color with each new batch so the photo to the left may not accurately indicate what you will get. However, these shirts will always be 100% cotton and less expensive than the other, softer, more fitted options below. They will also be available in bigger sizes. The shirts are a unisex fit, and the sizes are pretty accurate. The model in the photo is 170 lbs, and the size Medium he’s wearing is just right so long as he doesn’t do any more pushups. Taylor is 220 and wears a snug Large. These shirts are not available in Small because someone wanting that size could get one of the other styles. This shirt is $10.

Price: $10.00

Three-legged “Bodhisattva” Tripod Dog Taylor Mali Teeshirt

Designed by Heather Mann, this shirt features “Bodhisattva,” the three-legged dog who regains his missing cremated leg after his death (and subsequent cremation). All cotton unisex sizes (S, M, L, XL, 2XL). Tripod love.

Shirt is $10 plus $5 for shipping and handling (International & Priority rates differ).

Price: $10.00


“On Girls Lending Pens” Banner Pens (10)

Also known as the “SHUT UP” pen! One side of the pull-out banner contains the full text of Taylor’s poem “On Girls Lending Pens,” and the other has all the 101 acceptable two-letter words in SCRABBLE (with their definitions!) as well as a special message for asinine friends across the room (“SHUT UP”)! Click the link below to see a short video of the pen in action. Only available only in packs of 10 pens for $24.90 (PRIORITY shipping included).

Price: $24.90

“What Teachers Make” Banner Pens (10)

A great way for new teachers (or veterans!) to remind themselves why they chose to do what they do. Each pen has the entire text of “What Teachers Make” on a pull-out banner rolled up inside like a spring-loaded window shade. Bulk discounts available by writing a letter to Taylor directly. Click the link below to see a short video of the pen in action. Only available only in packs of 10 pens for $24.90 (PRIORITY shipping included).



All of Taylor Mali’s books

All of Taylor’s books are available at other online retailers (including Consider buying his three books of poetry directly from the Write Bloody Publishing Store ( And if you’re in New York City, all of his books are available at The Strand Bookstore at 12th St. and Broadway.

CDs & DVDs

Icarus Airlines

Taylor’s first live spoken word CD since 2003, “Icarus Airlines” contains 34 tracks including “Miracle Workers,” “Holding Your Position,” “The Entire Act of Sorrow,” and Taylor reading Billy Collins’s “The Lanyard.” Price $5 (plus shipping).

“With young poets, we forgive their early missteps. With old poets, we forgive their faltering voices. This CD is proof of a world-class performance poet at the pinnacle of his powers. Simply the best Taylor Mali CD so far.” Steve Marsh, Executive Director of Poetry Slam, Inc.

“One of the most entertaining, and thought-provoking spoken word albums I’ve heard in the 21st century. Icarus Airlines totally flies.” Mike McGee, World Poetry Slam Champion

Click Here for track listing

Price: $5.00


ISBN: 1-893972-06-2

A 100% live spoken word poetry CD. Twenty-two beautifully recorded tracks from seven different performances between 2000 and 2003, Ann Arbor to Anchorage. With artwork designed by Vadim Litvak (based on the work of 1940s illustrator Jim Flora) and liner notes by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, CONVICTION also contains many multi-voiced poems which existed for only a summer or, in one case, one single live performance. NEW! All tracks available for separate download from for 79¢. Cost for all CDs is $5.

Click Here for track listing

Price: $5.00

The Difference Between Left And Wrong

ISBN: 1-887012-17-6
UPC: 9 7818870 12171

This was my first recording, made in 1995. It was originally released as a cassette tape, and later re-released as a cd. Half of it is live from a performance I did in Key West, and the other half was recorded in a garage on Cape Cod. Fresh out of graduate school in Kansas, I certainly show a broader range (more lyrical, more lascivious) than in my more recent work. Click the title for a list of poems included. Cost for all CDs is $5.

Click Here for track listing

Price: $5.00

Taylor Mali & Friends Live at the Bowery Poetry Club

UPC: 8-0978112345-4

This DVD gathers together some of the biggest names in contemporary poetry and spoken word including Taylor Mali, Roger Bonair-Agard, Celena Glenn, Beau Sia, John S. Hall, Ishle Yi Park, Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, Rachel & George McKibbens, and Shappy. In addition to 15 live performances shot beautifully by filmmaker Kristen Loeb, the DVD also contains an in-depth interview called “Bookends” in which Mali talks candidly about poetry, spoken word, and the art of teaching. All after-tax profits from the sale of this DVD are donated to educational charities. Cost is $10.00.

Price: $10.00



“What Teachers Make” and “Miracle Workers”

Download high-resolution “clean” versions of Taylor Mali performing “What Teachers Make” and “Miracle Workers” for $10. Click the “Buy Now” button on the right and wait until an access code gets emailed to you. Then come back to enter the code and download the videos. You may get charged a “shipping fee” automatically, but it will be refunded to you.

Price: $10.00


“How Falling in Love is like Owning a Dog” Broadside

A beautifully formatted, hand-printed, autographed letterpress edition of Taylor’s most popular love poem, which has been read at over 200 weddings. Suitable for framing. Price is $5 plus $1.50 shipping & handling.

Price: $5.00


Stickers! “This Is A Like-Free Zone” (package of 50)

Do you know a few “Like Addicts”? Remind them to speak with conviction with this package of 50 stickers. Each sticker is 4.5 x 4.5 inches. Cost is $10 (plus shipping).

Price: $10.00