God help me (it’s the 7th grade!)

Posted On April 15th, 2011

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  1. Don’t believe it for a second – take all the BEST parts of a 6th grader and the BEST parts of an 8th grader and roll it around in AWESOME and you get a 7th grader – but then you knew that already.

  2. Um. My youngest boy will be in 7th grade next year-thanks so much for that cheerful thought-unless we just plain hold him back for a year, which we’re still contemplating. Immature for his age and all, I keep reviewing in my head that episode of Red Dwarf where Rimmer from another universe shows up and is everything that the Rimmer in this universe isn’t. At the end they reveal that the Rimmer who was a success was held back a year.

  3. As a mother of a current 8th grade girl, and a former Guidance Counselor of students in grades K – 8, I can tell you that the only thing more evil than a 5th grade girl is a group of 5th grade girls.

  4. I remember seventh grade. You’ve certainly got it right, seventh graders are perhaps the worst grade imaginable.

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